She infused her character with a rich,
fully developed emotional history.
Her work was raw, honest,
and heart-wrenching.

Seith Mann, Director Elementary

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I am in rehearsals at The Actors Studio with Ellen Burstyn, (who is playing my mother), and we are gearing up for The Studio's production of "The Cherry Orchard" in July, 2014:

The Cherry Orchard
Dreams Of The Last Butterflies

Dreams Of The Last Butterflies

Dreams of the Last Butterflies is a live-action 'dark faerie tale' short film with an urgent environmental message. A tale about the loss of butterflies in our world, and why they are disappearing, as told by the last Butterfly Queens themselves.

The movie is already out and hitting film festivals around the world! First stop is Vision Fest at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC, then on to Film Quest in Salt Lake city where it will be screened in a stadium theater for members from the cast of The Hobbit!

Dreams of the Last Butterflies premier party in NYC @ Indie Screen Cinema

VISIONFEST 14 - New York City, USA (May 2014)

Awarded at VISIONFEST for:

  • WINNER - Independent Vision Award for BEST SHORT FILM SCORE

    Nominated at VISIONFEST for 4 Independent Vision Awards categories:
  • DVFS VISIONARY AWARD (Director Zina Brown)
  • BEST SHORT FILM SCORE (Music by Kai Altair and Michael W. Pflug)

Wizard World Film Festival - Philadelphia, USA (June 2014)

Awarded at Wizard World for:


FilmQuest 2014 - Salt Lake City, USA (July 2014)

Nominated at FilmQuest for:


Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival - Los Angeles, USA (September 2014)

FENACO International Short Film Festival of Peru - Lima, Peru (November 2014)

Galactic Film Festival - Santa Ana, CA USA (August 2014)

Let Them Have Their Way

Let Them Have Their Way

Let Them Have Their Way - feature film about Six protagonists try to navigate a world in which inflexible rationality, political polarization, programmatic living, and consumerism compete against desires for warmth and human connectedness.

Premire will be in Buffalo this May 17th...

What You Want?

What You Want?

What You Want? is a web series that shows the misadventures of some international students and workers, sharing a basement in Brooklyn. I am playing the role of TATIANA. A Russian girl who left her country because she had to work over there but in the USA she can do nothing. Under her mean exterior there's a kind heart waiting to be rediscovered. She hides a secret, maybe more than one.

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